Barefoot 'JustAdjust' is a versatile treeless GP saddle. 

The cantle of the saddle is movable and attached by Velcro, so it can be adjusted from size 0 to size 2, or from size 1 to size 3, enabling it to be used by riders of different sizes. 

The Barefoot 'JustAdjust' provides knee rolls for a secure seat and movable stirrup bars,which can be positioned depending on the rider's size and preference. The saddle's variable structure and VPS system will also adjust to the respective horse it is used on - you cannot get any more flexible than this!

The Barefoot 'JustAdjust' is ideal for riding schools, RDA Centres or private yards where riders are sharing a saddle. Also perfect for riders who are changing shape: i.e. during pregnancy or diets.

The saddle offers sufficient support and security even for insecure riders. The closeness of saddle/rider to the horse makes following the horse's movement much easier and ensures faster, more enjoyable learning.

The saddle is made from easy-care Drytex and comes with a non-slip suede seat and has black fleece underside. 6 D-rings to attach saddle pads and/or luggage. The included pommel insert (in size medium) can be exchanged as with all Barefoot models (different width inserts are available for purchase separately).

Size 0-2:  recommended for clothes sizes :

Ladies 8-14 Gents 28-34

Size 1-3 : recommended for clothes size :

Ladies 12-20 Gents : 32-40

Narrow stirrup bar (2.5cm wide).

Comes in black only.

Delivery time is about 10 days from the order.

Regarding the saddle pad, please choose the pad for "Cheyenne" for this saddle.

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Barefoot Just-Adjust Treeless GP Saddle

  • Brand: Barefoot
  • Product Code: Barefoot Just-Adjust
  • Availability: 10 days
  • £495.00

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