FreeForm Saddles

FreeForm Saddles

Lightweight, versatile treeless saddle range made in Italy.

Freeform range of treeless saddles offers very elegant treeless saddles with a conventional look and feel. Very high quality workmanship and materials provide a performance product that will last.

Whatever shape your horse changes to, the saddle will continuously mould to your horse’s shape providing maximum comfort in every discipline.

After 15 years of experience with treeless saddles we feel that we understand our customers’ needs and very importantly, their horses’ requirements. Freeform have a total of 12 different treeless saddle models and even more seat combinations to suit various riding styles and budgets. From English style Dressage saddles to GP, Gaited Horse Saddle, Close Contact, or Western models. If you would like to have more information about any Freeform Saddle model, please contact us on 07771920131 or via e-mail:

What are the benefits of a Freeform Treeless Saddle?

1.     You know that your horse is comfortable even if it changes shape over the year as well as during training, or life stages.

2.     An affordable custom made treeless saddle which saves you money.

3.     Many design options ensure not only a super look, but make this saddle truly unique, for you and your horse. Here is a list of some options:

a.     Design options to suit you to ensure a comfortable and safe feel in the saddle. The choices include different knee and thigh rolls and the possibility of moving the stirrup leather attachment into exactly the right position to suit your riding style. Various seat sizes and styles from a deep Dressage seat with a narrow twist or a shallower GP Liberty style seat for a little more freedom (very much preferred by our male customers). No more “sitting in the splits” like with many other treeless saddles. A true treeless saddle with a shaped seat to avoid you having to sit wide on a wider horse. This makes it also suitable for riders with impaired hip joints. The specially shaped seats give you the support and feel of a treed saddle allowing you to sit narrower even on wider horses/ponies. A Freeform saddle feels in many ways like a conventional saddle for the rider but the horse’s movements can be felt much more due to its flexible treeless nature.

b.     Design options to suit your horse. Your horse can feel the benefit of a treeless saddle moulding to its shape whatever season or training stage. A cut out option to suit high and very high withered horses or a third girth strap if desired can increase the stability of the saddle. The choice of an extra short base if your horse has a short back and you are still fitting in the smaller seat. Finer aids can be applied, as the horse is able to feel all of the rider’s actions and movements due to the flexibility of the saddle.

c.     Design options to suit your budget.  Various underside materials from a grippy Sympa Nova, to elegant Suede leather or finest Calf leather will determine the budget together with the selection of the material for the saddle itself. The choices are from an economical elegant Suede Leather in the Seat and Flap area surrounded by practical Leathertex (wipe-clean) to finest Calfskin leather throughout in black or brown or a choice of colours. Even the stitching can be in a contrasting colour if you so wish

How can a treeless Freeform saddle save you money? We have mentioned a few reasons below:

  • No further need to ask a saddle fitter for expensive visits
  • No adjustments to the saddle are needed if the horse changes.
  • If you change horses you can continue to use your Freeform saddle, just ensure that the accessories suit the new horse or pony.
  • If you change weight a lot, you can continue to use your freeform saddle, all you have to do buy is a new seat rather than a complete new saddle.
  • If you have more than one rider. The advantage of interchangeable seats allows differently sized rider, i.e. mother and daughter or husband and wife to use the same saddle but with their individual seats placed on the same saddle. Even the stirrup position can be adjusted within seconds.
  • If you have more than one horse. Having various shaped pads and the option of a high wither cut out in the pommel area allows the same saddle to be used on high withered horses and on a flat backed horse.

How are they made? 
How do they work?

Freeform saddles will be symmetrical and straight, as saddles and seats are each made from one piece of foam covered with finest Suede or full grain Calfskin leather.
The rider is placed right behind the wither, therefore avoiding pressure beyond the 14th thoracic vertebrae and allowing full range of movement of the shoulder blades.
The area on the horse’s back equipped to carry the rider comfortably is between the 9th and the 13th thoracic vertebrae.
Freeform saddles have been shown to have the best weight/pressure distributing results among treeless saddles through being tested via PLIP (Port Lewis Impression Pad).

Freeform saddles have a flat underside allowing the same saddle to be used on various horse shapes together with the correct treeless saddle pad. Which means a high withered horse would be using the saddle with a specially designed treeless saddle Pad for high withered horses and a flat backed Cob type horse would be fine with a standard treeless saddle pad. Both available from us to fit the Freeform saddles in various styles.

The very light weight (table) Freeform Saddle is put together in two parts, a saddle base and a seat which is interchangeable.













The base comes in various lengths to suit even the shortest of horses.
Standard base total length 22”
Short Backed total length 20”
Extra Short Backed in length 18.5”

The Seats which are fixed on the saddle base with very high quality strong Velcro are available to fit various dress sizes. 
The standard length saddle base offers most flexibility as it can take seat sizes from the smallest up to the largest possible dress sizes - 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20. If your horse has got a shorter back you might require a Short or an Extra Short base. Both can only accommodate seats for smaller dress sizes. However, the Elegance seat offers a bit of extra room if needed. Please ask us for more information if you are unsure.

Please see further down for more technical details about Freeform treeless Saddles.


  • Great for general hacking, flatwork, hunting and jumping.
  • Extremely comfortable all-round saddle.
  • Available from Extra Short Base (18.5” in length) to Standard (22” in length).
  • Shown in the bigger picture in Black Suede leather (extra grippy) in seat and flap area and surrounded by easy to clean synthetic leather. Alternatively in finest full grain Calf leather throughout (small picture).
  • A choice of underside materials for various budgets.
  • Interchangeable seats to accommodate various sized riders.
  • Supporting knee rolls with various size options.
  • A quality custom made saddle at a fantastic price.




  • A very elegant all round treeless saddle for every day riding or top performance in the show ring.
  • Only available in genuine full grain Calfskin leather.
  • It’s specially designed knee rolls are soft and supportive for the riders legs.
  • As with all Freeform saddles the interchangeable seats allow you to choose a seat with a higher cantle (Classic Seat) or the deeper seat of the Elite Dressage saddle which can also come in a more narrow style.
  • The Liberty seat has been formed to suit every day riding and to offer sufficient room and maximum comfort for the rider.
  • This saddle is probably the softest off all models and due to its lower front and rear, it is liked by male and female riders alike.
  • This saddle is our preferred choice if you are looking for maximum comfort, quality and workmanship of a custom made saddle for you and your horse.

PRICE FROM £1,399.00



  • Traditional looking high quality Dressage Saddle
  • Approved by British Dressage
  • Ideal for the rider who prefers a treeless saddle with a narrower treed saddle like seat.
  • Interchangeable seats allow a large choice of seat shapes and sizes
  • Made from finest Italian full grain Calfskin leather or as the Freeform Classic in Suede leather with Leathertex surround.
  • Available in black or brown
  • Various seat sizes to suit trouser size of rider
  • Various saddle base sizes





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