The Vogue is the flagship of the Heather Moffett saddle range.  It is styled along the lines of the expensive monoflap dressage saddles, being almost indistinguishable in looks although with the benefits to horse and rider comfort of the SoftTree.   It is completely competition legal for all disciplines. 

The Vogue is styled without skirts over the "e" hook stirrup bars giving the closest possible contact with the horse. 

The Vogue is available in three variants, a dressage style and two styles of general purpose saddle.  All three models of saddle are available in black or brown, in 17" or 18" with the option of suede seat and/or knee pads at no extra cost.  The flaps can be made with or without the decorative stitching, giving a wide range of style options.  

The Vogue dressage has Heather Moffett's trademark set-back stirrup bars enabling the rider to achieve an instant 'ear-shoulder-hip-heel' alignment.  The GP saddles have stirrup bars that are placed 3/4" further forward than the Dressage saddles so they should still enable you to jump, as well as sit in a more balanced position without having to fight the stirrup bars, which are nearly always placed too far forward. 

The Vogue GPS is styled like a VSD saddle and is suitable for riders who wish to do general riding and small jumps.

The Vogue GPT is suitable for the taller rider with long legs, who may not be able to ride with their stirrups shortened on the GPS without their leg protruding too far off the front of the flap. 

Both the GPS and the GPT are true GP saddles with the flap cut so that it is still possible to ride with the stirrups at flatwork length without the rider's leg coming off the back of the saddle. 

There is an option to add extra D-rings on cantle for a small charge.

Supplied with a set of panels and a pair of movable knee rolls. The customer can choose between large or small knee rolls depending on their preference, and it is also possible to purchase extra sets of knee rolls.

Each of the thee models of Vogue (dressage, GPS, GPT) are also available in a limited edition deluxe version. Featuring specially selected, cognac coloured, Italian hide these saddles provide a unique alternative to the standard black and dark havanna leather. A swatch of the cognac leather can be provided upon request.  Price of the Vogue Deluxe is £1,799.00.

If you have any specific customisation that you would wish to have applied to your saddle please do not hesitate to contact us. Examples would be - extra D rings, change in seat depth, lower cantle and so on. Custom orders will need to be paid for on submission of the order and are non refundable. 

Trial saddles available. Usually, the waiting time for new saddles is about 6 weeks.

Please note we cannot take orders for North America; please contact the local distributors.

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Heather Moffett Vogue Treeless Saddle

  • £1,699.00

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