Made by The Saddle Company, this saddle was designed in response to several requirements for the rider and trainer.

Backing and Riding Young Horses

When teaching a young horse it is often the case that an old saddle is used which 'sort of fits' but 'will do the job' for the time being.

For some horses this is fine but for others their first introduction to a saddle and rider can consequently be an uncomfortable one. We can only assume that in some cases this could create longer-term ridden problems.  In addition the 'old saddle' is often not best suited to this sometimes tricky job, being uncomfortable for the rider, placing the riders leg in a less safe place and often they are very slippery to sit on.

Re-Training Problem Horses

For the horse professional who is often required to re-train a problem horse, there is the issue of a suitable saddle again. Often the saddle the horse is ridden in is partly to blame for the problem presented e.g bucking, napping, rearing, bolting, all of which can be 'encouraged' with a badly fitting saddle!  First step is to take the saddle out of the equation and remove any potential problem it may cause, but yet again there is the issue of what to work the horse in for re-training?  Ideally it should fit the horse well, be easy to handle when tacking up all types of horses including the horse that doesn't want to entertain a saddle again and it should be a safe place from which the rider can work. And how great would it be if one saddle could fit a wide range of horses? There'd be no need for several different saddles and all the associated expense.


The Starter Saddle is designed with the following features:

  • Specially designed, flexible tree to allow the saddle to sit perfectly on any back profile
  • Long girth straps so it is easy to girth up without lifting and holding up saddle flaps
  • Rawhide girth straps - their extra strength means they will stand up to long term wear and tear and are attached separately for even more security and safety
  • Secure and strong front handle for lifting onto the horse's back and rider security when first backing or for problem horses that buck, rear or spin
  • Lightweight and easy to lift onto the horse's back
  • Low cantle for easy clearance with leg when mounting and dismounting
  • Flat suede seat for greater rider security
  • A range of D rings for attaching dummy riders, breast girths, side reins etc
  • The panels are finished in serge, a hard wearing wool material which helps make the saddle more comfortable for the horse
  • If the saddle width is incorrect for some horses, it can be altered by most Saddle Company fitters/stockists and ordered to template also. 

The saddle is constructed of leather, suede and synthetic materials with a polypropylene tree and serge covered, flocked panels.

Black only, one size.

The saddles are made to order, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

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Backing / Games Saddle

  • £675.00

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