A larger version of the SuberPad original, this pad will fit under a Western saddle, or can be used for endurance riding.  Excellent for injured or delicate backs, long distances, heavy duty work.

The Large SuberPad model is supplied in black cotton. The shape is designed to match the weight bearing area of the saddle. There are no side flaps, enabling the closest contact between horse and rider.

Developed over 30 years ago and acclaimed by users, the SuberPad is a saddle pad filled with granular cork.  The cork flows to take up the precise shape of the horse’s back, providing unparalleled fit and comfort for the horse under a saddle.  The cork granules fill every undulation and then lock in place, but retain a level of give and cushioning.  When the saddle is removed from a horse after using a SuberPad, the upper surface of the pad bears the imprint of the saddle and the lower takes on the exact shape of the horses back, like a wax impression. 

63cm (25") long,  53cm (21") wide.

How to use the Suberpad:

1 Shake the pad thoroughly and then pat it like a pillow. This loosens and distributes the contents evenly.

2 Place the pad on the horse's back with the central groove along the spine.

3 Settle the saddle down on to the pad leaving about 2-3cm (1 inch) of the pad showing in front of the saddle.

4 Girth up firmly as usual.

5 Check the the tightness of the girth after riding a few minutes riding as the pad will settle and compact under pressure.

6 To make the pad thinner dry it overnight on a radiator.

7 Conversely, to make the pad thicker use it damp or wet. This will also maximise adhesion.

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Suberpad Large - Cork Filled Saddle Pad

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