The high quality Comfort saddle is extremely light (less than 6 kilos) and has a flexible tree. The pommel width is adjustable by changing the front arch piece. Five different widths are available - from narrow to extra extra wide. 

Built for comfort and stability the saddle is ideal for distance riding and hacking whilst giving the rider extra security with the built up cantle and pommels and soft seat.

The panels are attached via Velcro to allow adjustments for different back shapes.

Saddle base comes in two different lengths - the standard (59cm long) or Shorty (52cm long) and seat sizes S1 for riders with a dress size up to 12, or S2 for riders with a dress size 14+. The seat size can be adjusted by moving the cantle.

Dual stirrup attachment positions to cater for all riders.

Also featuring a v-belt girth arrangement for extra stability.

Available in black, brown or brown/cognac.

Important Safety Note:
This saddle uses a closed ring for stirrup leather attachment. We strongly advise the use of additional safety equipment like safety stirrups to reduce the chances of your foot being caught in the stirrups during a fall.

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Startrekk Comfort Treeless Saddle

  • £1,695.00

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