• Saddle Fitting by Kay Humphries

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"Saddle Fitting" is a comprehensive guide to choosing and fitting the most important item of your tack. The book contains simple descriptions and illustrated procedures which have, over the years, helped both professional saddle fitters and horse owners at all levels. It is meant to complement, but not replace, the skills of an experienced saddle fitter, whose advice should always be sought.

About the Author:
Kay Humphries has spent most of her life with horses and was taught the art of saddle fitting at an early age. A car crash in 1971 put an end to her own hopes for a riding career and heralded a major change of direction. With her husband and friends she bought a saddlery shop and originally employed others to fit customers' saddles. But people began to ask for Kay in person, and now, by popular demand, she is fully occupied travelling and fitting saddles all over the world. She has lectured on saddle fitting in the UK, Europe and the USA. Kay currently specializes in saddles for horses with severe remedial problems, working closely with vets and chiropractors.

24 pages, paperback.

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Saddle Fitting by Kay Humphries

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