All Barefoot Pads come with shims included, however these can be used as a replacement or should you, in places, require additional padding. Barefoot shims are easily trimmed with a sharp pair of scissors.

Shims are inserted inside the pockets situated at the top of the pad, on both sides - there is a velcro opening either at the front of the pockets, or along the top of the pockets.

Rubber Foam Shims: Quite firm with only a slight give - perfect for fine tuning saddle fitting i.e lift either at the front or rear to level the saddle. In case of broad loaded shoulders or prominent withers, additional padding should be used inside the rear of the pad to keep the saddle in balance. Additional padding should be placed at the front should your horse be croup high.

Thickness : 12mm  Price : £15.95

PU-Foam Shims: Soft and far more adaptable than Rubber Foam Shims. Great to level peak pressure and any unevenness along the horse's back..

Thickness: 15mm Price : £13.95

Memory Foam Shims
: Recommended for difficult backs and for riders spending many hours in the saddle - even suitable for heavier riders or very sensitive saddle area. Shims are extremely shock-absorbing, pressure distributing and pliable. Excellent to level any irregularities. Memory Foam is long lasting - the material ideally moulds to the rider and horse in use but returns to its original shape when pressure is removed. 

Thickness: 20mm price: £26.95

Sold in pairs

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Barefoot Replacement Shims

  • Brand: Barefoot
  • Product Code: BF SHIMS
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £13.95

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