The Impression Pad, when placed under a saddle, will give a visual record of how the weight is distributed through the panels to the horse. It offers a quick and easy way for the rider to regularly assess the fit of their saddle.

The Impression Pad is made from clear flexible vinyl and contains a mouldable putty, which is affectionately called Equi-Dough. It is extremely easy to use; place it on your horse's back, do up the saddle and go for a ride... that's it!  When you remove the saddle, you will have an exact impression of how that saddle fits that horse, with that rider.

The Impression Pad can be rolled out (with a rolling pin) and reused again and again, allowing you to re-test your horse whenever you want.

An ideal tool to purchase and share between friends.

We can also hire the Port Lewis Pad out for £50.00 (in the UK).  Please contact us for more information if you wanted to hire it.

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Port Lewis Impression Pad

  • £245.00

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