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Startrekk Comfort

If you are looking for a treeless saddle which is high on comfort and design, then the Comfort saddle may be for you. Made in Paraguay with high quality materials they don’t have a conventional tree but are flexible whilst still being supportive.

The pommel width is adjustable by changing the front arch piece. Four sizes are available – one for narrower, high withered horses, medium, wide and extra wide for the flatter back/cob type.  Replacement front arch pieces are available.

Built for comfort and stability, the saddle is ideal for distance riding and hacking whilst giving the rider extra security with the built up cantle and pommel and soft seat.

The panels are attached via Velcro to allow adjustments for different back shapes.

The seat size is 16 inches from front to back and can be reduced by about an inch by moving the cantle forward.

Dual stirrup attachment positions to cater for all riders.

Also featuring a v-belt girth arrangement for extra stability.


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Startrekk Comfort saddle

The Startrekk Comfort saddle, shown here in brown.

Startrekk Comfort saddle

The seat removed showing the two stirrup attachment points

Startrekk Comfort saddle panels

Removable/adjustable Velcro panels

Startrekk Comfort saddle

Plenty of attachment points

Startrekk Comfort saddle colours

Two colours – brown (left) and brown and cognac (right) – black is also available