Sensation Ride™ Saddles

Sensation Ride™ Saddles

From Nickers Saddlery in Canada, the Sensation Ride™ is an innovative and lightweight saddle.


  •  Lightweight - under 5 kgs.
  •  Y rigging  - ending in dressage type billet system.
  •  Three methods of stirrup attachment; Free swinging, hard use and Endurance.
  •  Bolsters may be added to the seat, cantle may be reduced.
  •  Easily replaced / altered components and cushioning.
  •  Provides rider with a comfortably narrow twist.
  •  Natural  breathable materials allow heat to dissipate from horse.
  •  Shock absorbing construction.
  •  Permits full freedom of movement through shoulder and loin area.
  •  Fits horses of most widths
  •  Close contact feel
  •  Mates with  Sensation accessories or regular tack shop accessories.


  •  That  adequate saddle padding be used, according to discipline and rider/horse  requirements. Your saddle pad should have a contoured topline as well as padding on either side of the spine, but not on the spine. The Skito pad is shaped to fit the Sensation saddles., but also the Horsedream Endurance pad is suitable, as well as Grandeur pads can be made for the Sensation saddles.
  •  Breastplates recommended for safety
  •  Safety stirrups or cages/tapderos


  • Not  recommended for riders over 90kgs/14 stone.
  • Not recommended for prominent withered  horses.

Available in any seat/base colour combination, but black or black/brown saddles are most likely in stock. A customised colour (red, purple, blue, green, pink) carries a small extra charge.

Standard seat size 17"; other sizes available in 16.5", 16", 17.5" and 18".  The standard seat size corresponds to a 17.5" traditional English seat size.

It is also possible to order a shorter or a longer flap for an additional charge.

All models come with a Sensation saddle cover.

Currently the waiting time for a saddle made to order is 14 weeks.

Loan saddles available (G3 English Trail). 

The Sensation is available in:

English Trail - £1,835.00

Dressage - £1,775.00

English All Purpose - £1,775.00

Dressage Trail - £1,835.00

Hybrid - £1,880.00

Formal Dressage - £1,950.00

Harmony Element - £1,235.00

Sonoran - £2,000.00

(Please note the prices may change due to currency exchange rate fluctuations).

Sensation Ride™ English Trail Saddle

Sensation Ride™ English Trail Saddle

Sensation saddles are made by Nickers Saddlery in Canada. Made to your exact specification.This mode..


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