The original Freeform Classic GP treeless saddle for general purpose riding.  Extra lightweight saddle.

Two models to choose from:

- Economy (BTF) - a saddle with suede seat, flaps and knee blocks and synthetic leather build

- Standard (Calfskin) - a saddle made entirely from calfskin leather

You build your saddle by choosing the base, depending on your horse's back, then choose the size of your seat.  The seats are interchangeable, so you could, depending on the length of your
base, use different size seats for different riders.

The Freeform Classic model has built-in knee blocks,  Thigh blocks are an optional extra. All D-rings are made of stainless steel.  Self adjusting v-girthing system positions the girth automatically in the girth groove, helps distribute pressure more evenly and assists in stability.  The stirrup leather attachment position is adjustable, allowing you to place your stirrups in the desired position. Depending on the horse's back, for optimal pressure distribution and spinal clearance, it is advisable to use either a good treeless pad with inserts, or Freeform panels that can be positioned using the velcro strips along the bottom of the saddle base. The underside of the saddle is made of sympanova - calfskin or suede lining is an optional extra.

The prices shown include:

- the saddle base

- the seat of your choice (some seat models carry an additional charge)

- the cut back pommel, either in regular 9cm, or large 13cm, depending on how high the withers are, or how long the rise of the withers is.

- standard or large knee blocks (there is an option for thigh blocks for an additional charge).

- movable stirrup leather attachment (but no stirrup leathers)

- 5 D-rings (further d-rings, up to 15 in total can be added for an additional charge)

- sympanova lining underside the saddle (option for calfskin or suede leather lining for an additional charge)

- velcro strips at the bottom, to enable attachment of optional velcro-on removable panels.

- standard adjustable girthing (2 girth straps)

- standard or contrast colour stitching on saddle flaps and / or the seat (can also be ordered without the stitching)

The base comes in three lengths, accommodating most horses / ponies:

Standard - 22" (56cm) 

Short - 20" (51cm)

Extra Short - 18.5" (47cm)

Seat sizes are from 15" to 19", with 1/2" increments.  The Classic base can also be combined with other Freeform seats, and every Freeform saddle can be ordered completely custom made.  The seat sizes that fit each base are as follows:

Standard base - maximum seat size is 19"

Short base - maximum seat size is 17.5"

Extra Short - maximum seat size is 16.5".

The photos also show the velcro strip for attaching panels underside on sympanova lining, and an option of a new 3-way girthing.

We have a trial saddle available (Classic standard base with 17.5" seat).

Saddles currently in stock:

Freeform DKR Short Base in black calfskin, 17" seat

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Freeform Classic Treeless GP Saddle

  • Brand: Freeform
  • Product Code: FF CLASSIC
  • Availability: Made to order
  • £1,065.00

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