Safestyle have designed a stirrup which not only promotes safety but is also stunningly beautiful to look at.

The Safestyle stirrup hangs in a 90 degree angle off the saddle.  It is a half open stirrup which encourages proper leg position and seat. Perfectly balanced, it correctly places two/thirds of the foot to the outside of the stirrup whilst its added weight improves lower leg position. The rider's feet have a sure grip and the stirrup always hangs correctly off the saddle, without twisting the stirrup leather. Because the Safestyle already hangs down at the right angle you never have to search for your stirrup, and it is easy to take your foot in and out of the stirrup.

The Safestyle is made of solid high quality polished stainless steel and combines safety, elegance and durability.

The stirrups are supplied with rubber sleeves.

The weight of each stirrup is 1.5 lbs (0.7 kilos).

Available in 11cm (4.33") and 12cm (4.72").

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Safestyle 90 degree Stirrups

  • Brand: Safestyle
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