Have you ever sat on a bean bag or a sack of grain, and marvelled how comfortable it felt as it moulded itself to your exact shape?

Would it not be a good idea if a horse's saddle could work on the same principle? Then it would always fit perfectly.

Well, that is what David Ahn, Fellow of the Worshipful Company of Farriers, master farrier and saddle maker, has done, after 35 years of research and development.

When placed under the saddle, the SUBER Saddle Pad acts like a bean bag; the filling of granular cork of carefully selected size, flows to take up the precise shape of the horse's back, making the saddle fit perfectly. The rider's weight is distributed evenly and the pliability and mobility of the cork in the Saddle Pad allows movement of the horse's shoulders and spine.

The suber pad is made of natural materials, no plastics. It can be machine washed in plain water as absorbed sweat acts as a foaming agent. If necessary the suber pad can be used while still wet.

The tree from which the cork is obtained for the suber pad filling is called 'Quercus Suber' and it is not harmed by the harvesting of the cork. The whole process is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

By distributing the rider's weight more evenly, and by its soothing and comforting action the SUBER Pad enables the horse to carry the rider with greater ease and freedom.

This pad also has exceptional stability qualities. It can be used in remedial saddle fitting where a horse may be fitted with a larger tree size whilst muscles regenerate.

Available in black only.

Comes in a Standard or Large (Western / Endurance) version.

How to use the Suberpad:

1 Shake the pad thoroughly and then pat it like a pillow. This loosens and distributes the contents evenly.

2 Place the pad on the horse's back with the central groove along the spine.

3 Settle the saddle down on to the pad leaving about 2-3cm (1 inch) of the pad showing in front of the saddle.

4 Girth up firmly as usual.

5 Check the the tightness of the girth after riding a few minutes riding as the pad will settle and compact under pressure.

6 To make the pad thinner dry it overnight on a radiator.

7 Conversely, to make the pad thicker use it damp or wet. This will also maximise adhesion.

Suberpad Large - Cork Filled Saddle Pad

Suberpad Large - Cork Filled Saddle Pad

A larger version of the SuberPad original, this pad will fit under a Western saddle, or can be used ..


Suberpad Standard - Cork Filled Saddle Pad

Suberpad Standard - Cork Filled Saddle Pad

The Close Contact model is supplied in black cotton. The shape is designed to match the weight beari..


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