Made by Christ in Germany this superb quality lambskin based treeless saddle numnah is anatomically shaped  with insert pockets left and right of the spine each individually paddable. Matching foam inserts can also be supplied.  This numnah has lambskin in the seat area only.

This numnah offers great shock absorption for the horse, provides ideal pressure distribution and maximises saddle fit and comfort, without compromising your leg contact with your horse. Made from hard wearing cotton twill and pure natural Merino lambskin. Depth of pile is approx. 30mm.

The Treeless numnah features an insert pouch on either side of the spinal canal for use with composite foam inserts (recommended if used as a treeless numnah).
Full size measures 67cm front to back along the spine, Pony size 60cm. Both measure 50cm from spine to bottom of panel each side.

Two Velcro straps hold the cloth up into the gullet at the front whilst a single strap attaches to the back of the saddle.

Black or brown cotton quilt with natural wool colour.

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Horsedream Endurance / Treeless Numnah

  • £130.00

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