Care instructions for the Griffin Nuumed saddle pads and numnahs:

• Brush off surplus dirt, loose hair and fur.
• Wash at recommended temperature for products with wool, DO NOT USE A PROGRAMME AT MORE THAN 40°.
• We recommend using 75ml of NuuWash (which is available under 'Miscellaneous Saddlery Items').
• If you do not have NuuWash, use a NON-BIOLOGICAL washing liquid (the enzymes in a biological liquids break the wool protein down).
• Only use washing liquids, as powders can remain in the wool.
• Do not use neat washing liquid directly on product.
• After washing, reshape and hang to dry naturally.
• Do not dry by means of direct heat and sunlight.
• When dry, brush wool out using a dandy brush or dog comb (Wool Comb is available at the bottom of this page).
• Never use washing liquids with bleaching agents or proteases as these attack the wool fibres and can be harmful to your animal.

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Care Instructions

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