A fabulous versatile saddlepad and a real performer. One of NuuMed's most popular designs. Made in a quality 5oz quilt with our Lightweight wool half lining for added protection over the key pressure points while allowing the rider close leg contact. 

The wool is knitted onto a cotton yarn giving you all the wool you need with no skin attached. Wool has the ability to absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture allowing you to keep your horse dry & comfortable. The natural fibres of the wool are less likely to cause skin reactions or allergies. Machine washable.

Large size, GP or dressage styles and black or white colours in stock.  For other sizes or colours, please contact us.

The dressage model comes with short D-ring straps as standard (as on General Purpose style). Optional longer straps available for an extra charge.

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Griffin Nuumed HiWither Half Wool Pad (SP01)

  • £69.50

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