A HiWither Anti Slip saddle numnah with top quality quilt. This "sticky on mesh" numnah offers a double helping of anti slip benefits using the eco friendly mesh on the underside next to the horse's back and very effective 'sticky' covering on top, under the saddle. This pad is suitable for use in competitions as well as at home.

The mesh underneath the pad is  a very effective lightweight open weave material made from non toxic resin which is free of rubber and latex and is odour free.

The sticky top layer is thin non woven fabric, which is coated with a non slip material, again non-toxic and latex free. When this ‘sticky' material gets dirty and dusty, you can simply restore the non-slip properties by washing in warm soapy water and allowing to dry.

Large size (black and white) available in stock; other sizes (and colours) made to order (4 weeks waiting time).  Dressage or GP cut.

The GP version has long top straps whereas the dressage version has short straps at the front.

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Griffin Nuumed HiWither Anti Slip Numnah (NM16)

  • £74.50

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